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The ContiTech IMAS plant is located on the Greek east coast approximately in the middle between Athens and Thessaloniki.

With an own port in Volos and the international Port of Pireaus at a driving distance of approx. 4 hours we are best positioned in order to execute our daily customer orders – by truck all over Europe or by ship to the entire world.


In ContiTech IMAS you will find everything under one roof: Sales, Production, Development, Logistics, Quality Control, Purchasing, Human Resources, IT, Finance, Technical Service – everything shaped into a slim, effective and fast organization.

This combined with our manufacturing set up makes us one of the fastest and most effective players on the market.

Being part of the Continental/ContiTech Group provides us with additional know how in areas like advanced computer simulation, splice simulation and additional testing facilities.

So you will get fast local decisions and solutions based on a global network of know-how.

Location & Organization – ContiTech IMAS S.A.