Protection Systems

Principle of operation

The system is analyzing the existance and the status of sensor loops, which have been fitted into the belt. Once the system detects a missing (damaged) sensor loop, it will immediately set off an alarm signal. This signal can then, for instance, be transferred to the PLC for ordering a conveyor stop. This will limit the potential further damage to the belt and the conveyor system in case of a rip.


  • No detuning of transmitter / receiver unit
  • All parameters are tuned online
  • Casing of transmitter / receiver is completely closed
  • No electronic parts that show aging effects
  • Signal levels can be compared online, to identify mechanical misalignment or pre-damaged loops
  • Easy to use – user-friendly and intuitive
  • Modern 15“ color touchscreen
  • User interface for different user groups
  • Device can be accessed directly by ContiTech IMAS technical support (if desired)
  • Teach-in of loops runs automatically
  • Technical support
  • Our experts can be connected directly to your system and give you advice via internet.
  • Our experts can check in advance whether this is possible in your IT environment.
  • High quality sensor loops
  • System is independent of sensor loop shape or manufacturer.
  • IMoS-R works reliably with all known types of sensor loops.
  • Reliable operation even if sensor loops are missing due to damage or a change in a part of the belt.
  • For high quality sensor loops please contact ContiTech IMAS for further advice.
  • Protection of the environment
  • All electronic devices are produced lead-free according to the requirements of the RoHS directive.
Application Engineering – ContiTech IMAS S.A.

Application Engineering – ContiTech IMAS S.A.