Laboratory Capabilities


In quality for us there is no compromise. This is why ContiTech IMAS counts with a fully equipped laboratory in order to control and ensure the Quality of all our products for every production step.

This starts with the reception and tests of our Raw Materials and Tensile Members, over a 100% control of every compound batch produced and the all-over testing of our semi-finished and finished products.

Thus our clients can be sure to always receive a competitive product with granted best quality.

Here a small selection of the test our products are undergoing:

Dimension tests, density, Abrasion, adhesion forces, tensile strength, atmospheric ageing, ageing under temperature exposure, cold and hot temperature resistance, dynamic stresses, resistance and swelling under exposure of chemicals, oils and other aggressive media, rubber penetration, electrical conductivity, flame resistance, drum-friction test, oxygen index test, troughability, corrosion tests as well as a vast number of additional tests over all process steps.

But the best testing equipment is useless without human expertise: In our laboratory, we are working with an experienced and highly specialized workforce which together counts with more than one hundred years of experience in the conveyor belt industry.

In addition we as part of our group have access to heavy test rigs for dynamic belt forces and splice efficiency, testing rigs to determine effectiveness of energy optimized compounds, computer simulation of splices, static and dynamic belt forces and well as usage of central research and development capabilities in hardware, software and engineers, e.g. for nanotechnology, spectral analysis, particle flow simulation.

Needless to say that all these resources make us as well as powerful as we are in developing our new products.

Laboratory Capabilities – ContiTech IMAS S.A.

Roboterized rubber tensile testing.