Splicing Material


IMAS belts have a superior quality and we want our customers to be able to make full use of this quality.

This requires a good splice, and apart from professional craftsmanship, a good splice material is the pre-requisite for this. Considering this, since the beginning of our company we have been providing the splice kits for vulcanizing our products to our customers all over the world.

In our splice kits you will find all the material you need for a belt splice:

Depending on the belt the kit contains rubber solution, cleaning agent, skim/bonding and cover rubber plates, rubber strips, cover cloth, breaker fabric, silicon paper and polyethylen foil to ease a clean working process.

Of course we as well deliver individual parts of our splice material to our customers.

Our made to order kits, manufactured by our own splice kit department, always guarantee the freshest material of the highest quality, a pre-requisite, together with a service partner you can rely on, in order to get a reliable splice – and a trouble-free application of your belt.

Splicing Material – ContiTech IMAS S.A.