Compound Types for Steelcord Belts


From the outside every conveyorbelt looks black. But there is more than meets the eye. One of the major differences between conveyor belts that are excellent and those which are not, is based on the compounding of the producer.

In ContiTech IMAS, we only use quality material from certified suppliers. With a receipe base of more than 200 conveyor belt compounds in our group, we have a problem solution for almost every application. And in case you have a special problem or request, we will happily develop the right compound for you.

Combined with our modern, highly automated production process and very experienced staff we produce high quality compounds in a very effective manner, while our fully equipped laboratory is assuring the constantly high quality of our compounds.

Below you will find a small excerpt from our range of special compounds for steel cord belts.

Special Properties IMAS designation
High tear resistance C & G
High tear resistance and low abrasion CGLA
Ultra abrasion resistance AAA
Heat resistant up to 120 C T120 C
Heat resistant up to 150 C T150 C
Heat resistant up to 200 C T200 C
Medium oil resistant MOR
Soya oil resistant and flame resistant Grain/Soya, DIN K
Low temperature oil resistant Grain, Low Temperature
Extra low temperature oil & flame resistant Grain, Extra Low Temperature
Flame resistant K DIN K
Flame resistant S DIN S
Flame resistant low abrasion DIN K, S, CAN/CSA, MSHA & LA
Self extinguishing AS-S
Compound Types for Steelcord Belts – ContiTech IMAS S.A.

Compound Types for Steelcord Belts – ContiTech IMAS S.A.