Standard Application ST Belts

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Since the early 1970s, ContiTech IMAS has been supplying high-quality steel cord conveyor belts to its customers around the world. Our range of products reaches a width of up to 2600 mm and a breaking strength of up to 8000 N/mm (ST 8000).

We produce our steel cord conveyor belts in accordance with the respective norms as per the customer’s requirements such as DIN 22131, DIN EN ISO 15236 or Australian Standard (AS 1333). However, individually tailor made belt constructions with special number of cords, pitch, and cord diameter can be supplied where necessary, e.g. where only a part length needs to be spliced into an existing belt.

Our steel cord conveyor belts are distinguished by their extremely high transmission of forces, long lengths (up to 20 km center-to-center distance), and very high load-carrying capacities (30,000 t/h). High troughability combined with low elongation and good straight-running features secure well performing of our products. Through a very good variety in available cover grades, IMAS steel cord conveyor belts are successfully employed in a wide range of uses.

Standard Application ST Belts – ContiTech IMAS S.A.