Pipe Conveyor Belts

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Due to the importance of environmental topics, our customers require solutions which help them to protect the surroundings of their conveyor applications. In addition, difficult terrains may force our clients to work with demanding conveyor routes. IMAS Pipe Conveyor Belts offer good value to such situations.

After the loading station, the conveyor belt is closed by a special idler setup to form a pipe for the distance of transportation. Not only does this protect the conveyed material from environmental influences such as rain and winds. It also protects the environment from the conveyed material as this system avoids material spillage. Of course, this also secures that all the material actually reaches its destination in order to generate profit for our client.

Demanding terrain and conveyor routes can be overcome with pipe conveyor belts. Due to their shape, pipe conveyors can allow narrower curve radii than conventional conveyors. In addition, where the conveyor has to run through a tunnel or enclosed production facility while transporting dusty materials, the closed transport ensures the accessability and non-pollution of the tunnel, which would otherwise make maintenance and other works impossible.

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