Standard Application Textile Belts

Textile Belts

IMAS two-ply and multi-ply textile conveyor belts have a long record of reliable service under the most demanding conditions. They are used in various different applications and industries such as the steel industry, cement industry, chemical industry as well as shiploading facilities, mines, power plants etc.

Our textile conveyor belts have an excellent adhesion between the cover and the fabric carcass, and between one fabric ply and another. Complemented with one of our many different cover grades, our products will provide a long service life. We assist our clients to select the right belt for their applications in order to ensure that in their different fields of expertise they can concentrate on their own production without having to worry about the conveyor belts in use.

Our production of textile conveyor belts reaches from 2-ply belts up to 6 plies with a total belt breaking strength of up to 3780 N/mm at a width of up to 2600 mm.

Standard Application Fabric Belts – ContiTech IMAS S.A.

Standard Application Fabric Belts – ContiTech IMAS S.A.